Captain Jay Trochesset

Captain Jay Trochesset:

Jay is one of the most experienced captains with over 50 years of experience chartering on the MS coast

Born and raised in the charter fishing business he is passing down his knowledge to a fourth generation of Trochessets’.  He is highly regarded in the Charter industry by bringing the first and best Custom Build Catamarans to the area versus the solid hull boats introducing smoother rides.

Captain Jay worked with his father the late J.P. on the Charter Boat Gay Jay at the age of 12 deck handing during the summers of high school and college.  His career as a licensed charter boat captain began in 1974 when he purchased his first boat the Silver Dollar, as the business grew Jay and his father J.P. spent the better part of three years designing and building the Silver Dollar I a  50 foot fiberglass sports fisherman without benefit of blueprints.

In 1997 Jay christened his third boat the Silver Dollar II a 50 foot Catamaran which was custom built and featured in an article in the Sun Herald “Boat takes fishing to new depths.”  He now operates the new Silver Dollar III purchased in 2009, an updated  52 foot Catamaran.

In December 2007 Capt. Jay was interviewed by the USA Today  in an article “Charter boat industry tries to reel back fishers.” Jay has also been featured in the MS. Press Association. The Clarion-Ledger, The Commercial Appeal in Memphis TN, The Meridian Star, over 15 times in The Sun Herald and other media sources.  You may have caught articles, quotes or interviews containing Captain Jay in, Salt Water Sportsman Magazine and  Mississippi Outdoors Magazine. Jay is a Coast Guard Licensed Captain for over 40 years. In February of 2016 Captain Jay was one of only 6 Charter Boat Captains World Wide to be International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame.
He is a member of Good Standing in:

  • Charter Boat Captains Assoc. charter member and past president
  • Gulf Fishing Banks Assoc. board of directors
  • National Assoc. of Charter Boat Operators
  • Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce

During Jay’s more than 50 years of experience, he has endured many challenges: He has weathered dozens of tropical storms and dozens of hurricanes, including,

Camille, Isaac, and in August 2005, the most devastating Katrina.  He has tolerated Governments restrictions such as fish limitations and short seasons, especially Red Snapper; and competing with commercial fishing.

He endured the disastrous BP Oil Spill which left the Coast’s charter industry reeling. The drop in economy in 2007 and 2008 further took its toll on Jay’s Charter Boat business. Jay has seen a lot of changes in the business during t half century, but he states he is never too old to learn something new. He  will stay in the business until he passes, just like his Father. ‘

Jay graduated from Biloxi High School in 1966 where he played baseball and basketball.  He then went to  the University of Southern Mississippi, where he majored in secondary education.  Although he enjoyed college, the excitement of catching cobia, red snapper, jack crevalle, king mackerel and grouper was a way of life for Trochesset.. While at USM, he married his wife Vickie who helps run the business.  Jay served nine years in the Mississippi National Guard.   They have two sons, Dustin and Brandon, now third generation fishing charter captains.  They have four grandchildren, Maddux, (Deckhand), Fisher, Kaden, and Tori.