Frequently Asked Questions

What will we catch?

  • January – April: we catch Red Fish, Black Drum, Sheepshead, White Trout, Southern King Fish
  • April – November: we catch Cobia(Lemon Fish), Red Fish, Sharks, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevelle, Tarpon, Bonito, Lady Fish, Blue Fish
  • Red Snapper during season, check for regulations.

How far will we go out?

  • January – April: 10-15 miles
  • April – November: 10-25 miles
  • Red Snapper during season: 30 miles +

What is the depth of the water?

  • January – April: 10-50 feet
  • April – November: 20 – 50 feet
  • Red Snapper during season: 65+ feet

When does the time start?
Time starts when the boat leaves the dock.

What time do we leave the dock?
Morning Trips: 6-7 AM

Afternoon Trips: 12-1 PM

Snapper Trips: 5-6 AM

*Schedule can be adjusted for your convenience.

Do kids count?
The coast guard counts every soul on board and so do we.

Can I bring pets?
No animals are allowed.

Is smoking allowed?
Yes outside the cabin only.

Can I bring alcohol?
Yes, it is allowed in moderation.

Do we clean the fish?
Yes, mates filet and bag the fish.

Do we tip the deckhands/mates?
Yes, we recommend a 20% tip for deckhand/fish cleaning.

Is a deposit required?
Yes call for details.

Is food provided?
No, but box lunches/catering and drinks by the case are available. You must call and arrange this ahead of time.

Is the boat handicap accessible?
Yes, we are in compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Do you offer a active military and public safety discount?
Yes, a 5% discount is available.

How many people does the boat hold?
Silver Dollar III – Coast Guard certified for 44 people. You do not have to fill the boat to book it privately.

Big Fish – 4 customers

What is your cancellation policy?
Please see our cancellation policy page here.